Word school – GRACE AND FAITH.




Grace: Unmerited favour, divine enablement.

Faith: It is personal trust in God’s power/ability;

It is a conviction that with God nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37);

It is an attitude of assurance that God means every bit of what He says.

*Correct faith is usually accompanied by action, e.g.

*The woman with issue of blood (Matt. 9:20-22).

*The Roman Centurion (Matt.8:5-10),

* Others (Mark. 2:3-5, Mk. 10: 46-47).

Grace and Faith:

For faith to produce result, grace must be available from God.

Faith, when exercised by man causes God to release grace through demonstration of His power. *Therefore God wants us to have faith in Him and His word (Mk. 10: 22-24)

*If grace is not available (for whichever reason) faith will not produce expected result (e.g. in Matt.15: 22-28 the faith of the Canaanite woman did not produce result until grace was available).

So when our faith works, we should rather boast in the grace that God supplied to make it work rather than our ability to exercise faith.

*When grace is available, little faith will produce result (Mark. 9: 23- 25, Jh.5: 5-8).

*We are to develop our faith in God on daily basis, and make our request by faith.

*Prayer of mercy is very essential in every area of our lives even when we have strong faith.

*Note: When we have a delayed answer to w particular result, it may be a display of God’s hidden wisdom rather than His refusal to release grace/help.

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