WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE – By Pastor (Mrs) Aderonke Anwo

A woman of substance is a woman of Meaning, Positive Influence, Impact, Power,

She would always have something substantial to give her Lord, her home and society, during the week we look at this woman in three aspects:

1) Her Husband is her glory (1Cor 11;8-9)

In this regards, I mean valuing the woman through the identity of her husband. Her obedience, submission, humility, nurturing, covering and how she is able to uphold her home really worth all the shoes, her willingness to accept the facts that she has been created for the man and not vice versa, she is an help meet not an help mate and that without her husband she is incomplete.

2) My seed must prosper in life

The emphasis here is that women are seed grower and not manufacturers and that is why GOD placed high and strong importance on the seed, thus if a man gives a woman a seed she will give him a child. She knows she is created to bring forth so she must know how to turn her seeds to fruits.

A woman of substance does not allow any seed (physically, spiritually, financially) placed in her life to die or get terminated, not to be stolen killed or destroyed by the enemy, She has a responsibility to build the home, apart from that She has God given grace and ability to build that even the man cannot question Prov. 14:1. She is building by wisdom and not destroying it with foolishness, she sees herself as a custodian and builder of destinies and so whatever becomes of those seeds (marriage, child, work, career) placed in her hand of care depends on how she waters them with wisdom or foolishness.

3) I am here on an assignment:

This means that a woman with substance is a mission carrier, vision getter, apart from responsibilities to her children and husband she sees womanhood as a calling  on itself, a woman of substance in totality and not a loop-sided or one sided woman,  but lived a balanced life. A woman of substance is an oracle that gives advice and information most especially for the future, not financially productive alone, but spiritually fruitful and emotionally productive. She has a balanced approach and lifestyle. She is to act as comforters and provide solace. She doesn’t have a misplaced priority, she concentrate on her life, her Lord and her home. As a mother and wife, she is to make a home and not house.

That is, she has to discover her own identity and she is the proverb 31 woman, don’t look for your identity in your man or children, but help them to discover their own identity and yours as well. Deborah was a multifaceth woman, a wife, mother, warrior, intercessor, judge.

Huldah the prophetess 2kings 22.14 was another good example and a total woman, they did not stand in the identity of their children or husband alone to affect their generation positively. The fact that you aren’t married does not mean, your life is closed /caged. Mother Theresa, Katherine kulman were women of power and fulfilled destiny despite the fact that they faced their own trials.

As a woman of substance know that you are on a mission, stand up and stand out, you are not created to die in the shadow of someone else, neither created for changing diapers and warming beds alone, you have a vision in your womb you are a vision carrier. Occupy yourself with service to God and service to humanity, make a difference and make an impact in every life that comes in contact with you, be relevant to your world, be a woman her generation blesses and not the one her generation curses, be known for nobility, diligence, honesty, loyalty, financially empowered, a carrier of God’s presence, a generous giver, for decency and strength, a molder and builder of destines and above all a carrier of grace and Gods glory. SHALOM!

By Pastor (Mrs) Aderonke Anwo.


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