Proverbs 31:10 (KJV) says “who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies?” Likewise Proverbs 12:4 reveals that “a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband”.

A ‘woman’ can be described as a wife plus man, a human being; an adult female person with feminine nature; also as a female servant or attendant with a distinguishing qualities (womanhood). The word ‘substance’ can be described as an essential nature which has essence (divine), quality, and is unique. It can be physical materials from which something is made and with discrete existence.

Let us now dwell/focus on what really matters in life! In Titus 2:3-5, you will find God’s most important priorities for women. These are priorities that reveal the character/qualities He value most and that is the message of “a woman’s high calling”. It is through this you will discover how you can make life simpler and more meaningful. And these are what God expect woman of substance to focus on.

Here are 10 ways you can live out God’s plan for your life as a woman of substance:

1) The way of Wisdom; 2) the way of Godly speech; 3) uncompromising love of your husband; 4) the way of unending love of your family; 5) the love of your home; 6) living in Purity; 7) personal discipline; 8) Godliness; 9) ministering to others and 10) Christ-like behavior.

There is no greater lifestyle or more nobility than living by these 10 priorities. We need to start simplifying our lives right from them. These are what can make you fulfill God’s purpose and plan for your life because God want you to make your life count. Therefore you must be:  1) Discovering yourself; 2) Building a proper self esteem; 3) Embracing integrity; 4) Having emotional balance; 5) Engaging in personal development; 6) Acquiring required skills; 7) Maintaining your focus on God; 8) Learning to enhance your worth; 9) You need to be empowered; and 10) your comportment and association must be proper.

Note that your comportment is also crucial and your association can define your destination. You were created to be a positive point of reference in life. You were not created to remain indolence or stagnant but to make meaning out of life. However, you can’t be outstanding unless you stand out! And to be different, you must do something different. Life is all about impact-making­: You are to make your life count, and now!

Let’s take for example Ruth as a servant (in Ruth chapter 2) who voluntarily made herself to serve God (vs2); acted in the right place (vs8) by always staying where you ask her to stay; she also chose the believers’ way. She also made a decision “where you go I will go” (see Ruth 1:16; John 6:67-79). She was small in her own eyes (vs10) that is humility. She left everything – her land and her parent’s home (vs11) – and sought God as refuge (vs12). For this reason, she was highly blessed (vs12) and enjoyed her work (vs14).

Here are the exemplary features of Ruth’s character as a woman of substance (Ruth 2:7); she was humble and ready to perform humble work (vs2); she was respectful, she sought permission (vs7); she was willing, others saw it and were convinced (vs7). Ruth was also thankful, she said “you have given me comfort” (vs13). She was full of goodness by looking after others (vs18). And she obediently followed what her mentor Naomi would suggest (Ruth 2:22-23). SHALOM!

Reverend S. A. Anwo JP (Senior Pastor)




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