Arise and Shine O Woman!

TEXT: Isaiah 60:1-5; Esther 5:7
PREACHER: Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye

Arise means to get into action. Arise means to do something because the mind of God is for you to shine. God is raising women so as for them to support men. The world is full of darkness so we have to be acquainted with God. And whatever God we do, God will do it through Godly Homes. We have to believe God just as Abraham did when God told him to leave his house. God needs Godly families that will give him Godly seeds i.e. families are important to God.

If any ministry is given to a woman, it is her home. A woman must build her home so as to build a household of God. There wasn’t home when Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden, but when Eve was brought into the life of Adam, a home was established. Eve was brought by God to assist Adam. This are just the basic points from the word.

It is a great privilege to have this woman around and God bless your ministry in Jesus name.

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