The manifestation of God’s blessing

The manifestation of God's blessing.

The manifestation of God’s blessing shall erase the days of sorrow! And the grace of God shall take you from a place of scarcity to a land that flows with milk and honey. Amen!
Times are hard and though no man may help you but God is there with you. He can make a way where there seems to be no way. Even when there is no hope and you have given up on yourself God, has not given up on you.


The disciples; the closing of the tomb was the end of the story. But to their surprise Jesus rose up from the grave.
We serve a God of miracles, signs and wonders and he will do abundantly, for you what no man can ever do. May you experience a turnaround today.
(Proverbs 23:18)
God’s understanding is unsearchable. With the aim there is hope for the helpless. He makes a way through the impossible situations, don’t give up on God because he will come through for you.

Declaration for the week:

This is the day that the lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. This is the set time to experience the breakthrough that I have been waiting for.
I shall not be delayed nor be denied.
I declare that every road block towards my destiny becomes a stepping stone.
The lord will bless me with circles of endless breakthrough.
The harvest fields are opened unto me.
The mountains shall drip with sweet wine and I shall work into the manifold blessing of the lord.
In this month, my capacity will enlarge.
God is elevating me. By his spirit God beautifies my life and empowers me for science and wonders.
The lord will perform new and unusual acts in my life. His grace breaks all protocols in my way.
By faith, I enter God’s bouquet hall and partake of the feasts of miracles he has prepared for me.
I proclaim that my life is getting bigger, better and greater in Jesus name
*God will turn what is designed to destroy you into tools for your greatness*
*You may start life from the back but the lord will bring you to the front*
No matter the obstacles erected against you, by the strength of God you shall be victorious
The lord moves mountains and he causes walls to fall. He breaks chains and makes giants fall. His presence transforms a desert into a land of fruitfulness. With his power he performs miracles. Hallelujah! With God on your side victory is yours.

Five things you must do in life
  1. Endure hardship
  2. Endure hostility
  3. Endure temptations
  4. Endure delay
  5. Endure to the end

When all is dark around you, trust in God. When your faith is tested trust in God. When enemies surround you trust in God. When questions are unanswered, trust in God.
He is faithful! He is good! He is able! His ways are not your ways he is God!!!

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