The Almighty God_Mercy Hour

Mercy Hour 28th November,2018.

Power  Ministration and Prophetic Session by, Revd. Adewole Anwo

Topic: The Almighty God.

Text: Isaiah 63:1:4

Bible Ref.Gen.25:15, Col. 1:29,

Facts about God:

  • God has the power to save.
  • God has the power to set free (Deut. 3:24).
  • He has power over all on earth (Joshua 4:24).
  • He has power to manifest Himself in our lives.
  • He is powerful in Words and Deed (Luke 24:19).

God can change His method many times but His power will never change.

God likes a heart of desperation: a heart that knows what it wants and will not give up till it gets it.

Prayer points

  • My helper must not suffer loss of memory. Send unexpected help into my life.
  • Father, make a covenant of provision before the need arises with me.
  • Any power that wants to make me a living dead, lose your power over my life now.
  • Visit my situation today, Lord
  • Every strange hand that is following me about, I command the Lord to swallow them.
  • Everything hindering the move of God in my life, leave me now in Jesus name.
  • I command every power putting me in bondage to lose their power now in Jesus name.
  • Spirit of stagnancy, leave my life alone.
  • Lord, make a way for me wherever my way has be blocked.
  • Lord, arise for my justification.
  • The fire that shows forth testimony, Lord put it in my life.
  • Put the power of “touch not my anointed” on my body and my family.
  • Father let my case be settled today.
  • Father, scatter every ungodly meeting against my lifting.
  • Every part of my destiny that needs revival, receive the touch of God now.
  • All parasitic beings disrupting Gods promises in my life, Lord uproot them from my life

Declaration (Isa. 65: 19-24)

  • The lord will hear your cry without delay today in Jesus.
  • A little will become thousands in your hands from today onward.
  • May heaven respect your prayers.


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