Landmark Youth Fellowship (LYF)


The birth of the Church where the power and presence of God can only be made manifest in our day is through vibrant and purposeful growth participation.


a) To encourage Youths to see themselves as instruments of change in the hands of God.

b) To motivate Youths to be involved in the ministry of evangelism and missions.

c) To encourage Youths to see themselves as battle-axe in the hands of God through the empowerment of the Holy Ghost.

d) To equip Youths to use their God-given potentials and talents to transform the church of today into a vibrant and triumphant church in line with the vision of the landmark family.


The Youth forum is a very active and vibrant arm of the church. Their activities include: Seminars, Outreaches, Musical Concerts, Vigil (Night of Hope) and Social interaction. The highlight of their activities is the annual “Youth Week” during which they take over the activities in the Church. At the inception of the ministry, our Youths were always happy and eager to be in the house of God. But presently the zeal is drying and we trust God to revive this generation and the parents should also play an active role in a time like this to allow and encourage their children and wards to play active role in the Church. The Church knows what Youth vision and mission is and is ready to support them fulfill their goals and aspirations.

Finally, with the entrance of the world values and systems into the church, the Youth vision has become blurred and the mission adulterated. We believe that since the vision is given by God, it will still speak as appointed. I therefore challenge the Youth forum of our Church to stay focused and run with the vision so that others coming from behind will also follow their footstep. God bless our Youth as they thread the path of greatness with a large heart in raising the standard and courageously take theirs stands to possess their possession in the last day.


To be a different youth, you must accept Christ and he must live in you. When Christ lives in you, there is a difference in your life and the way you do things (Col. 1: 27). Those differences make a whole new you! -You must stay focused on God’s teachings and how he wants you to live your Christian life. -You must live your life for Christ and allow all you do bring glory to God. -You must also remember to make time to honor and worship God. -You must fear God and know that the consequence of not doing that is eternal death.