REMEMBER ME OH GOD (Neh. 13:14), Esther 6:1-10

There are battles to fight here on earth and we must not allow anyone to deceive us that there are no battles.

There is nothing as good and pleasant as when we commit all these battles and obstacles into the hand of God, beloved, God is always ready to take action when we report all our enemies to Him Ps. 68:1.

There are some people who always enjoy carrying out evil act against the children of God for no reason, some cannot stand your being blessed by the God you serve. I pray that God will begin to take care of them.

Today passage reveals the conspiracy of Haman against the anointed of the Lord; I decree that all conspiracies against your progress shall be scattered in Jesus name. God needs to always expose your enemies to you so that you can know how to handle them. The Bible says – The king could not sleep because God wanted to remember someone and that is the person reading this sermon. Who had saved his life from conspiracy.

When God remembers you, your long years of mourning shall turn to joy, the stagnation of many years cease in a day. One truth thing we must always remember as a children of God is that it takes divine remembrance to daily experience the deliverance of God and one person that had enjoyed the remembrance of God was Hannah (I Sam. 1)

For so many years she lived in bareness but suddenly her day of remembrance came and the Lord put an end to her years of bareness. If you want God to remember you in your own situation there is a role you have to play.

  • You have to call His attention (God) to what you are going through: Mordecai called the attention of Esther to the source of the problem and Esther call the attention of the king and the rest became history (Every closed Mouth equals a closed Destiny)
  • Don’t allow your mouth to be closed, when Hannah gets to Shiloh she made her petitions to God and her request was granted (Peter in the storm. Matt. 14:21-33)

(Today as you call upon the Lord, He will give you permanent rest in Jesus name)


  • A life of holiness is a requirement for anyone who want to call on the Lord: If you are living in sin there is no way God will hear you.
  • You have to surrender your life totally to God – And just like Esther did she Fasted, prayed, and take practical steps.

I implore you to do as Esther did Fast, Pray and take some practical step under the divine guidance of the God concerning every challenges you are going through and there will be a living testimony, Amen.

If a human being could ask for what could be done to the person in whom he had delight in you can imagine what Jesus will do for you if you seek Him.

Say this prayer with faith.

  • Father, please remember me for good.
  • Father let you word be active in my life in Jesus name
  • Father, make me a candidate for your signs and wonders this month.




General Overseer

Reverend S.A Anwo JP

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