Occupying for His coming through the power of Exploit

Pst. Miracle Ooyewola

Text: Rev. 22:12

Bible Ref: Luke 19:11, Matt. 6:22,1 Chro. 4:9

– Without Jesus you are nobody.
– The only thing we are living for is the kingdom of God; every other thing will pass away.
– Anything you end up being in life, we only be on earth(not in Heaven).
– It would be a great disaster if you achieve all in life and end up missing heaven.
– No matter your position, there is always something better.
* Occupying means being seriously engaged.

*The kingdom of God is about maturity. You have to be spiritually mature to make Heaven.

What is exploit?
– Exploit is the manifestation of God’s divine nature in man. Rom 8:19
– Without the divine nature of God in your life, you cannot see God.
– Jesus made exploit wherever he went. Acts 10:38


* When you occupy consistently, nothing can displace you.

What provokes exploits?
– The presence of God provokes His glory and His glory provokes exploits.
– Without God’s presence, there is no glory and therefore no room to do exploits.
– To defeat the devil, always dwell in God presence.

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