If you lose your opportunity, do not lose the God of opportunities in your life.

Text: Isaiah 43:18-19, Gal. 6:10

What is opportunity?

It is a favourable time or occasion for a certain purpose. Col. 4:5

Both big and small opportunities come into our lives one at a time. Losing opportunities is a common occurrence that happens to everyone. So, there is no one who lives under the sky that has not lost some chances.

Opportunities could be in form of money, businesses, possessions or relationships.

Whatever yours may be, the truth is that some opportunities are lost forever while some are still recoverable.

Avoid lamenting on opportunities that are forever lost; neither fret nor frustrate yourself on them.

Do not forget that opportunity is just an emblem of God’s favour upon your life. If you lose one opportunity, be sure another one is still coming with a big knock at the door of your life (That is if you care or desire another).

You must remember that you only lose opportunities not the God of opportunity Himself. When God is in your life, your future opportunities are endless.

For example: David who refused to lose the God of opportunities in his life was able to have confidence in every situation he found himself:

“the young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the lord shall not want any good thing”. (Psalm 34:10)

The secret of abundance and recovery is your ability to seek God even in the face of turbulence.With God, there is no way you will lack any good thing in your life.

Therefore, your greatest concern in life should be seeking God with all your heart and keeping him alive in your life.

When the God of opportunity is in your lives, you will always swim in the ocean of grace and favour.Also, with God your life will be full of endless joy and opportunities.Do not mourn any lost chances or opportunities because God is with you..

There is a story about a man of God (Dr Akanbi):

Like Job, He lost four cars in a single month in the past when facing a series of spiritual attacks.

God is never shocked neither is He embarrassed by your loss of chances and opportunities.He knows we are human beings and mere mortals. He anticipates our occasional weaknesses.And His provisions are always there to rescue us in all of life emergency situations.

God is always ready to give second chances but what we do with it is up to us.

Conclusion: New opportunities are always stirring and beckoning to us, If we can see them.Worry and anxiety are like a rocking chair; they keep you busy but gets us nowhere”

Watchword: Don’t lose the God of opportunities.


Prayer points:

  • May heaven give us eyes to see beyond now and wisdom to grasp every opportunity.
  • May we receive grace to keep them permanently as they come into our lives afresh day by day in Jesus’name.


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