(Phil. 4:8)

Definition: (Usually good_ of high quality)
Note:  6:1-3; at this time – David was over eighty years old.

And one of David’s top three administrators, he was working with those who did not believe in his God. But he work more efficiently and capably than the rest, thus he attracted the attention of the pagan king and earned a place of respect for Himself.

One of the best way to influence the non-Christian is to work diligently and responsibly.  (Great ability)

  • Excellent Spirit

Daniel 5:12; 6:1-3 (3)

Daniel soon proved himself more capable than all the other administrators and and high officers. Because of Daniel’s great ability, the king made plans to place him over the entire empire”.

  • Question: how do we represent God before our employer?

Vs. 3&4, Daniel made enemies at work by doing a good job. Perhaps you have made a similar experience when you begin to excel, you will find out that coworkers may look for ways to hold you back _ and even tear you down. How should you deal with those who would be happy at your downfall and who would hasten it?

  • Note: “conduct your life above reproach” then you will have nothing to hide.

And your enemies will have a difficult time finding legitimate charges against you. Of course, this will not always save you from attacks and like Daniel, you will have to rely on God for protection.

Summary of the life of passion (Daniel 6):

  • Daniel was a man:
  • Who prayed continually. Dan. 6:10
  • With a grateful heart towards God. Dan. 6:10
  • Persecuted & under threat of a dreadful death. Dan. 6:13-17
  • Honored by God and protected by His angel. Dan. 6:22-23
  • Beyond the reach of men and beasts. Dan. 6:22-23
  • Abundantly blessed. Dan. 6:28
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