By Rev. Solomon Anwo


It is always beneficial when we take time to pray and commit the New Year into the hands of God. The Bible says the Step of the righteous are ordered by God, when we seek His face concerning the Journey ahead of us in the New Year, we would be in a better position to walk in victory during the year.

Praying about our New Year is being proactive. A popular and common saying goes thus, “Prayerful preparations prevent poor performance”. Even if we are going to face battles and challenges in the year, if we have taken time to fast and pray as we are going to do this week, it will not overcome us and it will not be deadly as the enemy would want it to be. Also our desire and aspiration for the New Year will ride upon the wings of our prayers and intercession and come into fruition. The Lord would have gone ahead of us to make every crooked path straight. This seven days prayer program will bring us total victory, redeemed us and gracefully secure us throughout the journey of the year 2019.

Finally according to our text in Mark 11:23. “Jesus says the Disciple can pray for anything” (Matt. 21:18-22). And the kind of prayer that move mountain, is the prayer for the fruitfulness of God’s kingdom. It would seem impossible to move a mountain to see. So Jesus uses the illustration to show that God can do the impossible. And that God will answer your prayer, but not as a result of your positive mental attitude.

Note: Other condition must be met; which are:

  • You must be a true believer.
  • You must not hold a grudge against another person.
  • You must not pray with selfish motives.
  • And your request must be for the good of God’s kingdom.

Now to pray effectively, you need faith in God and not faith in the object of your request.

Finally, if you focus only on your request, you will be left with nothing if your request is refused. So this week prepare for a divine encounter that will lunch you forth in year 2019.


Text: Zech. 10:1-12   

One word that reflects what we do mostly to God is “ASK”. An author John Rice said in one of his book “Holiness” that prayer is asking and receiving. So, our great privilege before God is our ability to ask Him anything at any time

According to Matt. 7:7-8, Jesus established the 3 levels of asking: Ask, Seek and Knock. The first level, “asking” is asking for what you know God has promised you, that is, asking with full faith.

Asking at the second level is seeking the face of God for clarification, direction, or confirmation on the 5Ws and H (When, Who, What, Why, Where and How). God promised us in Hebrew 11:6, that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. Therefore, asking by seeking is what separates the weak from the strong in faith.

  Moses sought God’s face at Mount Sinai. David sought Him early. The Israelite in foreign land also had to seek Him when 70 years of bondage was accomplished. Try to ask accordingly by seeking God wholeheartedly this week.

Knocking, the third level of asking is our required effectual prayer. The widow in Luke 18 knocked with importunity until she got an answer. Most of us knocked to quietly because we do not want to disturb. Heaven’s door is not in a GRA, so you must knock until you get a response just like Elijah did until the rain fell (1 King 18:43).

As our text says “Ask the Lord for rain in time of the latter rain”, we must learn how to ask the Lord.

Factors to be considered:

  • Don’t be lazy asking men what you need to ask the Lord.
  • Don’t seek from men what you need to seek from God.
  • Don’t knock on the doors of men when you have not knocked on heaven’s door.
  • Don’t be like those unbelievers who say “why should I ask from God when man can give me”.

Let us develop the culture of asking God for everything and anything at anytime and anywhere. He is our father. So, this week, ask according to His will and at the right time. Ask in faith and consistently. Ask God persistently without wavering with the right heart and right motive.

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