Our youth are of great importance to the society, they make up more than half of the world population, they are the future generation. However today, we witness the dislocation of the moral values through the influence of mass media, social media, globalization, peer influence and lack of parental guidance. Which has made the youth vulnerable to drug abuse, sexual abuse, prostitution, alcohol, cultism and other vices. Some of the negative practices that influence immortal behaviour of our youth are:

  • Legalization of abortion.
  • Same sex marriages and cohabitation.
  • Contraceptive use by unmarried and sexually active adolescents.
  • Divorce.
  • Advertisement with no moral guideline.
  • Internet movies; television programs that are filled with violence, profanity and nudity.
  • Pornography and so on.

For us parents to succeed in our God given role and responsibility in the lives of our children we need God more than ever to see them through. Training starts from the home. We need a good foundation on which in order to build we (especially mothers) must take responsibility to be the teacher, leader and role model (Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”).

The roles of a mother and father is quite different but do complement one another to achieve a great result (Prov 29:15b).

No one grieves more deeply than a mother, when the child turns foolish while the father takes the glory when the child turns out well. The greatest legacy a parent can give to their children is the opportunity to live a joyful, responsible and productive adult life.

Meanwhile, we as mothers should make Godly effort to be a role model and prepare our children for a successful living by showing fort all the attributes of a virtuous mother or woman by teaching them the following:

  • Self control.
  • Fear of God and obedience to the laws of God.
  • Respect for authority.
  • Consideration of other.
  • Submission to the will of God.

This training involves teaching, correcting, caring ,leading, discipline, and investing our time and money. Though there is no set pattern for training but as a Christian the bible is the manual to guide us, we should subject ourselves as parents to the holy spirit to help us in our activities, so that we will be able nurture the gifts of God in our hands.

Be God fearing in all.

Dns. Oluwatoyin Awe

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