We welcome you to join us as we worship, give praise unto the Lord, commune and fellowship together as one body in Christ. Our ministry exists to rescue and pray for perishing souls through the hidden treasures of the word of God. And we believe and confident that you will have a wonderful opportunity to experience spiritual growth and maturity in this race.

Christ Landmark Ministries in brief

You are hereby welcome to partake of the goodness of the Lord with us. Healing tabernacle is the headquarters of Christ Landmark Ministries International in Ibadan, Nigeria. It was established in 1996 and has since given birth to two branches and a campground for prayers in Nigeria.

We have an existing structure that makes provision for every person to find full of expression of their gifts and talents in the fulfillment of their calling and destiny in different areas of ministration to the Lord in service to humanity.

At Landmark, God consistency amazes us with the manifestation of His faithfulness in our midst through our services and prayed to Him.

Our tenet of faith includes the Holy Trinity, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Salvation, Blood of Jesus, the second coming of our Lord and the Holy Bible.

There are various departments within the Church that you can join to enable you express and develop yourself and manifest the God-given gifts in you in the vineyard of the Lord. Be rest assured that your portion at the top is guaranteed as you key into God’s vision in Landmark. God bless you!

Who we are
  • We are a praying people
  • We are a worshiping people
  • We are a praising people
  • We are a witnessing people
  • We are prosperous people
  • We are a blessed people
  • We are a secure people


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