Brethren, you are most welcome in the Almighty Name of our LORD Jesus Christ! We are glad to have you here today. It is with a heart of gratitude that we celebrate God through His Son Jesus Christ in Our Ministry. With all the experiences in diverse forms that have littered our memory as a Church, we bless the Holy Name of the LORD for His goodness and mercy. We have been recipients and beneficiaries of His largesse.

In view of the present occurrences and the happenings around the world, we need to be more careful of how we run the race. And when the word “Look, I am coming soon” is being repeatedly emphasised, mark it!

The devil is fighting the last battle and God wants us to be vigilant. Maintaining our citizenship at this time is not an option. As God wants us to be like Him, it will require us to be persistent and watchful because “whatever controls your purpose is your pursuit.”

According to Revelation 22:10-11; the Angel of the LORD told John the Apostle what to do after his vision is over. Instead of sealing up what he has written as Daniel was commanded to do in Daniel 12:4-12; the book is to be left open so that all can read and understand what has been written in it. Daniel’s message was sealed because it was not a message for his time. But the book of Revelation was unsealed because its messages were for John the Apostle’s time, and relevant to subsequent eras which included our generation.

As Christ’s imminent return draws closer than ever before, there is a greater polarisation between God’s followers and Satan’s own. This message is a must for us as it is timely, especially for those who have been forgiven and want to have a right to eat from the tree of life according to Revelation 22:2.

What we are experiencing in the Church today is spiritual lethargy and stupor. This is quite saddening!  The church has lost focus on the second coming of our LORD Jesus Christ. But He knew this would happen. And for this reason, He gave us the parable of a king who went on a journey into a far country, leaving behind his servants to work and await his return. His departure charge was “Occupy till I come” according to Luke 19:12-27.

Our King is coming back to judge both the living and the dead. And the severity of his judgment had been declared upon those who rejected His Lordship over their lives in Luke 19:27. I pray that will not be our portion in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

However, we must always remember that our King is coming. We must also bear in mind always what He is coming to do. This attitude will guide us on how best to comport ourselves in readiness for His return to judge the earth. We should not be deceived by the error of those who claim that Jesus Christ is not coming back again; or that He has already come in the spirit. These are all lies of the devil. Rather than accept such lies, we should remember what the Angels of God that addressed the early disciples after our LORD Jesus was taken up into Heaven said in Acts 1:11. “…this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into Heaven.”

We can be rest assured in our hearts that Jesus will surely come back. Our LORD and Saviour is coming back to put the devil where he belongs according to Revelation 20:10. And all the angels that fell along with him – referred to as demons – will also partake in the eternal damnation that will befall Satan according to Matthew 25:41.

Our King is also coming back to give rewards to every believer according to their works. It is going to be a pay day! For the LORD in Revelation 22:12 said “Look, I am coming soon, bringing My reward with Me to repay all people according to their deeds.”

Therefore brethren, let us make sure we are one of those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. And if our name is already written in His Book, let us work hard with fear and trembling to receive commendation and a good recompense from Our LORD and Master. If we labour for the expansion of God’s Kingdom through witnessing, evangelism, intercession and giving; we can be sure that we will not miss our rewards when the LORD Jesus Christ returns.

Finally, as we journey ahead, we should always remember our identity, renew our thought-life, recognise our old life is dead on the cross of Jesus Christ; so, let go of your past habits and replace them with a new one after the likeness of Christ alone.


Rev’d ‘Wole Anwo JP

Senior Pastor,

Christ Landmark Ministries Int’l


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