The Aim, Objectives and Scope of this Conference


This year’s YOUTHS ALIVE CONFERENCE is targeted at Educating, Inspiring, and Motivating teenagers (age 10 – 19years), young men and women (age 20 – 35years) to embark on a proactive pursuit and development of a SOUNDMIND to enact the possibility of realising and releasing their God-given potentials towards the fulfilment of their purpose by God’s design. This we shall do through the following conference objectives.

Conference Objectives

  1. A Wealth Creation seminar on Career and Entrepreneurship.
  2. A Workshop on Starting your own Business, Innovative Thinking, Creativity Lifestyle and Enterprise mindset.
  3. An Expository Teaching on SOUNDMIND: how to possess, cultivate and utilise the mind in a sound state through a consistent spiritual growth and continuous mental development.

Objectives in Modules

  • Module One: #WealthCreation Seminar

For the exchange of useful information on Career and Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on Innovative Thinking and Enterprise Mindset.

Coach: Akin Anjorin, CEO, MAKINLAS CONCEPTS Ltd.

  • Module Two: #CreativeThinkingFaculty Workshop

For brief education on Starting Up Your Own Business, Innovative Thinking, Creative Lifestyle and Enterprise Mindset. It must be interacting and practical problem solving.

Coaches: Peter Quarcoopome, President, CTF-Africa, Ghana

Bukola Olushola, MD, MO’ Gifts & Events, Lagos

Bolaji Olaomo, CEO, ANIMAL WELFARE Services, Ibadan

  • Module Three: #SoundMinds Exposition

An Expository Teaching on how to possess, cultivate and utilise the mind by putting it in a sound state through consistent spiritual growth and mental development.

Coach: Sola Mene, Senior Pastor, PETRA Ministries International, Ibadan.


The scope of this year’s conference is in three (3) modules. And these are targeted at the Education, Inspiration and Motivation of the participants which are primarily teenagers (age 10 – 19years) and young folks (age 20 – 35years). The duration of the conference is three (3) days with four (4) sessions.

Final Charge!

Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long you can miss them. When you are in the light, everything follows you. But when you enter into the dark, even your own shadow does not follow you. There is only one person who is capable to set limits to your growth…it is you! You are the only person who can influence your happiness, success and realisation. Beloved, your life does not change when your boss, friend or company changes. Your life changes when you change! When you go beyond your limiting beliefs and you realise that you are the only one responsible for your life. It is the way you face life that makes the difference!

Finally, always remember this: “if an egg is broken from an outside force…life ends; but if it is broken from an inside force, life begins.” Great things always begin from our inside! And we have got the power, we have got a SOUNDMIND!



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