1. Always get excited about your goals.
  2. Network with the right people.
  3. Step out of your comfort Zone.
  4. Be brave when it come to challenges.
  5. Spend less time in bed.
  6. Feed your mind with good thing.
  7. Go out there & make things happen
  8. Complain less.
  9. Stop every negative habits.
  10. Always be positive & be Optimistic about your pursuit.
  11. Smile – Laugh & love often.
  12. Make kindness a priority.
  13. Keep counting your blessing.
  14. Always talk about the things you love.
  15. Try new things out ( be adventurous- take risk – life itself is risk),
  16. Travel when you can – to ease burden – to be refreshed.
  17. Live within your means.
  18. Spend more time with your loved ones, and keep the bond of fellowship
  19. Take good care of your body & soul. [The body is like a horse and need to be nurtured]
  20. Make your happiness a priority.
  21. Finally, give God first place, be humble to be lifted.


  • Today the Lord will arise from His Throne & bless you.
  • He will bless you with what you have been praying for.
  • He will reward you a million fold with what you work for.
  • He will grant unto you your heart desire & surprise you with what you have not ask for.
  • He will visit your family with good news & put a new song in your mouth.
  • Any wicked fellow that has vowed to torment you, waste your efforts, your resource, glory shall be wasted without mercy.
  • As you step out, the presence of God shall go with you to places & grant you unhindered , success & victory.
  • It shall be well with you & all yours in Jesus name.
  • Your Testimony shall not be hindered.
  • You will not be stranded.
  • Help that will never cease shall come your way.
  • Divinely your life & family is secure with grace, season with favour & bless with God mercy.


  1. Lord make me a good example
  2. Make me somebody the world is waiting for
  3. Give me today what to give my generation
  4. Lay your hand of approval upon my life tonight
  5. Make me an answer to this generation
  6. Where my strength can not take me, father let your grace take me there.
By Rev. Solomon Anwo.

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