The psalmist said  I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.

The Lord has laid it in the mind of The Minstrels’ to offer the God of heavens and the earth a 12 HOURS Unlimited Praise tagged: Unlimited Praise for Endless Mercy.

This is first of it’s kind!

Come this Friday 31st August to 1st of September at 6pm to 6am.

@Christ Landmark Ministries Auditorium 

Sitaga bus stop, Ppoly-eleyele road, arometa, Ibadan, Oyo State.


Join us and experience unlimited MERCY through unlimited PRAISE.


  1. Always get excited about your goals.
  2. Network with the right people.
  3. Step out of your comfort Zone.
  4. Be brave when it come to challenges.
  5. Spend less time in bed.
  6. Feed your mind with good thing.
  7. Go out there & make things happen
  8. Complain less.
  9. Stop every negative habits.
  10. Always be positive & be Optimistic about your pursuit.
  11. Smile – Laugh & love often.
  12. Make kindness a priority.
  13. Keep counting your blessing.
  14. Always talk about the things you love.
  15. Try new things out ( be adventurous- take risk – life itself is risk),
  16. Travel when you can – to ease burden – to be refreshed.
  17. Live within your means.
  18. Spend more time with your loved ones, and keep the bond of fellowship
  19. Take good care of your body & soul. [The body is like a horse and need to be nurtured]
  20. Make your happiness a priority.
  21. Finally, give God first place, be humble to be lifted.


  • Today the Lord will arise from His Throne & bless you.
  • He will bless you with what you have been praying for.
  • He will reward you a million fold with what you work for.
  • He will grant unto you your heart desire & surprise you with what you have not ask for.
  • He will visit your family with good news & put a new song in your mouth.
  • Any wicked fellow that has vowed to torment you, waste your efforts, your resource, glory shall be wasted without mercy.
  • As you step out, the presence of God shall go with you to places & grant you unhindered , success & victory.
  • It shall be well with you & all yours in Jesus name.
  • Your Testimony shall not be hindered.
  • You will not be stranded.
  • Help that will never cease shall come your way.
  • Divinely your life & family is secure with grace, season with favour & bless with God mercy.


  1. Lord make me a good example
  2. Make me somebody the world is waiting for
  3. Give me today what to give my generation
  4. Lay your hand of approval upon my life tonight
  5. Make me an answer to this generation
  6. Where my strength can not take me, father let your grace take me there.
By Rev. Solomon Anwo.

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Our youth are of great importance to the society, they make up more than half of the world population, they are the future generation. However today, we witness the dislocation of the moral values through the influence of mass media, social media, globalization, peer influence and lack of parental guidance. Which has made the youth vulnerable to drug abuse, sexual abuse, prostitution, alcohol, cultism and other vices. Some of the negative practices that influence immortal behaviour of our youth are:

  • Legalization of abortion.
  • Same sex marriages and cohabitation.
  • Contraceptive use by unmarried and sexually active adolescents.
  • Divorce.
  • Advertisement with no moral guideline.
  • Internet movies; television programs that are filled with violence, profanity and nudity.
  • Pornography and so on.

For us parents to succeed in our God given role and responsibility in the lives of our children we need God more than ever to see them through. Training starts from the home. We need a good foundation on which in order to build we (especially mothers) must take responsibility to be the teacher, leader and role model (Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”).

The roles of a mother and father is quite different but do complement one another to achieve a great result (Prov 29:15b).

No one grieves more deeply than a mother, when the child turns foolish while the father takes the glory when the child turns out well. The greatest legacy a parent can give to their children is the opportunity to live a joyful, responsible and productive adult life.

Meanwhile, we as mothers should make Godly effort to be a role model and prepare our children for a successful living by showing fort all the attributes of a virtuous mother or woman by teaching them the following:

  • Self control.
  • Fear of God and obedience to the laws of God.
  • Respect for authority.
  • Consideration of other.
  • Submission to the will of God.

This training involves teaching, correcting, caring ,leading, discipline, and investing our time and money. Though there is no set pattern for training but as a Christian the bible is the manual to guide us, we should subject ourselves as parents to the holy spirit to help us in our activities, so that we will be able nurture the gifts of God in our hands.

Be God fearing in all.

Dns. Oluwatoyin Awe


Proverbs 31:10 (KJV) says “who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies?” Likewise Proverbs 12:4 reveals that “a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband”.

A ‘woman’ can be described as a wife plus man, a human being; an adult female person with feminine nature; also as a female servant or attendant with a distinguishing qualities (womanhood). The word ‘substance’ can be described as an essential nature which has essence (divine), quality, and is unique. It can be physical materials from which something is made and with discrete existence.

Let us now dwell/focus on what really matters in life! In Titus 2:3-5, you will find God’s most important priorities for women. These are priorities that reveal the character/qualities He value most and that is the message of “a woman’s high calling”. It is through this you will discover how you can make life simpler and more meaningful. And these are what God expect woman of substance to focus on.

Here are 10 ways you can live out God’s plan for your life as a woman of substance:

1) The way of Wisdom; 2) the way of Godly speech; 3) uncompromising love of your husband; 4) the way of unending love of your family; 5) the love of your home; 6) living in Purity; 7) personal discipline; 8) Godliness; 9) ministering to others and 10) Christ-like behavior.

There is no greater lifestyle or more nobility than living by these 10 priorities. We need to start simplifying our lives right from them. These are what can make you fulfill God’s purpose and plan for your life because God want you to make your life count. Therefore you must be:  1) Discovering yourself; 2) Building a proper self esteem; 3) Embracing integrity; 4) Having emotional balance; 5) Engaging in personal development; 6) Acquiring required skills; 7) Maintaining your focus on God; 8) Learning to enhance your worth; 9) You need to be empowered; and 10) your comportment and association must be proper.

Note that your comportment is also crucial and your association can define your destination. You were created to be a positive point of reference in life. You were not created to remain indolence or stagnant but to make meaning out of life. However, you can’t be outstanding unless you stand out! And to be different, you must do something different. Life is all about impact-making­: You are to make your life count, and now!

Let’s take for example Ruth as a servant (in Ruth chapter 2) who voluntarily made herself to serve God (vs2); acted in the right place (vs8) by always staying where you ask her to stay; she also chose the believers’ way. She also made a decision “where you go I will go” (see Ruth 1:16; John 6:67-79). She was small in her own eyes (vs10) that is humility. She left everything – her land and her parent’s home (vs11) – and sought God as refuge (vs12). For this reason, she was highly blessed (vs12) and enjoyed her work (vs14).

Here are the exemplary features of Ruth’s character as a woman of substance (Ruth 2:7); she was humble and ready to perform humble work (vs2); she was respectful, she sought permission (vs7); she was willing, others saw it and were convinced (vs7). Ruth was also thankful, she said “you have given me comfort” (vs13). She was full of goodness by looking after others (vs18). And she obediently followed what her mentor Naomi would suggest (Ruth 2:22-23). SHALOM!

Reverend S. A. Anwo JP (Senior Pastor)




WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE – By Pastor (Mrs) Aderonke Anwo

A woman of substance is a woman of Meaning, Positive Influence, Impact, Power,

She would always have something substantial to give her Lord, her home and society, during the week we look at this woman in three aspects:

1) Her Husband is her glory (1Cor 11;8-9)

In this regards, I mean valuing the woman through the identity of her husband. Her obedience, submission, humility, nurturing, covering and how she is able to uphold her home really worth all the shoes, her willingness to accept the facts that she has been created for the man and not vice versa, she is an help meet not an help mate and that without her husband she is incomplete.

2) My seed must prosper in life

The emphasis here is that women are seed grower and not manufacturers and that is why GOD placed high and strong importance on the seed, thus if a man gives a woman a seed she will give him a child. She knows she is created to bring forth so she must know how to turn her seeds to fruits.

A woman of substance does not allow any seed (physically, spiritually, financially) placed in her life to die or get terminated, not to be stolen killed or destroyed by the enemy, She has a responsibility to build the home, apart from that She has God given grace and ability to build that even the man cannot question Prov. 14:1. She is building by wisdom and not destroying it with foolishness, she sees herself as a custodian and builder of destinies and so whatever becomes of those seeds (marriage, child, work, career) placed in her hand of care depends on how she waters them with wisdom or foolishness.

3) I am here on an assignment:

This means that a woman with substance is a mission carrier, vision getter, apart from responsibilities to her children and husband she sees womanhood as a calling  on itself, a woman of substance in totality and not a loop-sided or one sided woman,  but lived a balanced life. A woman of substance is an oracle that gives advice and information most especially for the future, not financially productive alone, but spiritually fruitful and emotionally productive. She has a balanced approach and lifestyle. She is to act as comforters and provide solace. She doesn’t have a misplaced priority, she concentrate on her life, her Lord and her home. As a mother and wife, she is to make a home and not house.

That is, she has to discover her own identity and she is the proverb 31 woman, don’t look for your identity in your man or children, but help them to discover their own identity and yours as well. Deborah was a multifaceth woman, a wife, mother, warrior, intercessor, judge.

Huldah the prophetess 2kings 22.14 was another good example and a total woman, they did not stand in the identity of their children or husband alone to affect their generation positively. The fact that you aren’t married does not mean, your life is closed /caged. Mother Theresa, Katherine kulman were women of power and fulfilled destiny despite the fact that they faced their own trials.

As a woman of substance know that you are on a mission, stand up and stand out, you are not created to die in the shadow of someone else, neither created for changing diapers and warming beds alone, you have a vision in your womb you are a vision carrier. Occupy yourself with service to God and service to humanity, make a difference and make an impact in every life that comes in contact with you, be relevant to your world, be a woman her generation blesses and not the one her generation curses, be known for nobility, diligence, honesty, loyalty, financially empowered, a carrier of God’s presence, a generous giver, for decency and strength, a molder and builder of destines and above all a carrier of grace and Gods glory. SHALOM!

By Pastor (Mrs) Aderonke Anwo.


The reasons why you need Jesus.

The reasons why you need Jesus.

Jesus, the only son of God, stripped himself and became like men (Phil. 2:7). He took upon himself, flesh and put down the glory of God to come down to earth. This is why Satan attacked and tried to undermine the reality of the virgin birth. It is God’s will for you to be saved and to know the price Jesus paid for you. Jesus went to the cross and suffered His own body for your sake. He experienced the same spiritual death that entered man in the Garden of Eden (2 Cor. 5:2).

Jesus opened the way for the world, hereby bringing every man into God’s family. God Almighty offers you the opportunity to be made His first born like the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Today, make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Only then can you enjoy the privileged of his redemption.

God bless you.


Message by Reverend Anwo.


Benefits of The Cross of Christ by Pst. Leke Daniel


TEXT: 1 peter 3:18, Gen 3:1-24, Lev 4:1-9, Mark 15:25-38, Exo 26:31-33, Ps 103:2, Eph 2:16, 1 John 2

Benefits of the Cross

  1. Purification of our sins. (Mark 3:25)
  2. Redemption. (Mark 3:24)
  3. Justification. (Rom 4:25)
  4. Reconciliation. (Rom 5:10)
  5. Glorification


Word school by Pst. (Mrs) Aderonke Anwo

Topic: Tongue as a Fire
Text: James 3:1-18, Heb. 4:12

What is the Tongue?
It is a small member of the body that reveals the state of the heart which can either invite trouble and death or on the other hand give us life and liberation.

What is fire?
Fire is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity. For example: we cook with fire and we heat our homes with fire.
Fire consumes, warms and illuminates but it can also cause pain and destruction.
Fire can either be constructive or destructive depending on the circumstances.

What are the features of fire?
A. Fire creates:
– It brings light in the night
– It produces heat when we need warmth.
– It provides protection.
B. Fire destroys:
– It damages properties
– It can destroy a whole nation.
C. Fire transforms:
– It turns raw foods into cooked ones
– It used to refine gold and other precious raw materials.

What is the relationship between fire and the tongue?
The relationship shall be considered in different contexts:
1. As a means of Creation
– As fire can create, so also can our tongue do the same. As christians, God has put his word in our mouth to build, plant and create (Gen. 1:1, Matt. 12:37, Rom. 10:8, Matt. 18:18,Rom 4:17, Heb. 11:3)
– The gift of speech is of great benefit. It can be used for: communicating information, expressing affection, praising God, spreading the gospel and praying for others.
– As the tongue is a fire, the words we speak can create great and mighty things for us.
2. As a means of Destruction.
– Like fire out of bounds, the tongue can also cause damages (James 6:9-10).
– The tongue can tear down someone’s self-worth.
– Can destroy relationships.
– It can order the execution of evil plans.
– Gossip, slander, cursing and lies are symptoms of “wildfire tongue” i.e. a tongue that is beyond control (Ex 23:1, Lev. 19:16, Prov. 16:27, 2 Cor. 12:20).
– The ugly side of the tongue is that our fallen nature make it easier for us to use it for evil rather than for good.
– It is easier to rip someone up verbally than to speak well of them.
3. In the context of Transformation.
As Fire can be seen as a source of power and strength, likewise the word of our mouth can:
– Encourage a weak soul.
– Give life to a dead soul.
– Bring revival and passion to God’s work in our lives.
When we are carriers of the Holy Spirit, our words can bring life, power and grace to what we direct it to.

The way out.
1. Speaking in tongues (Ps. 104:4, Heb. 12:29). We emit fire when we pray in tongues to:
– Create life
– Destroy the work of satan.
– Turn our situation around by putting angels to work.
2. Be conscious of the words you speak. Also repent of any comment made that can dishonor Christ and destroy lives around us. Ps. 19:14.
3. Make an effort to gain control over our tongue and make it an instrument of righteousness. Taming our tongues may be difficult but it’s not impossible.
4. Commit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus as a sacrifice (Rom. 12:1, Ps. 141:3)
Your tongue can either build the kingdom or burn it. Ask yourself, “Is my tongue destructive or productive?”

The Power of the Tongue

Word School by Pastor Mrs Aderonke Anwo

Topic: Introduction to the power of the Tongue

Text: Prov. 18:21, James 3:1-12, Prov. 15:4


What is the Tongue?

  • The bible describes the tongue as an organ of speech rather than of taste. So, the power of the tongue is synonymous with the power of utterance (Prov. 18:21, James 3:5).
  • As an organ of speech, the tongue is important because without the tongue, we can’t speak.

Where does the power of the Tongue lie?

  • It lies in the spoken word. Gen. 1:1

Facts about the spoken word.

  1. Spoken words reveal the state of the heart (Matt. 12:34-35).
  2. The Tongue has the potential to literally bring anguish into the life of humans without necessarily destroying them physically.
  • Spoken words can invite death/trouble (2 kings. 7:1-2; 16-17, Dan. 4:27-33, Num. 14:2;28-29).
  • Bad utterances produce scars that could last a lifetime.
  1. It can invite life/liberation (Rom. 10:9-10, Luke 23:39-43, Mark 10:46).
  • It has the power to heal and destroy
  • It has the power to bless and curse.
  • Spoken words cause pain and bring healing. Prov. 18:21
  1. Spoken words are recorded in heaven (Matt. 12:36-37, Eccle. 5:6).
  2. The spoken word is as old as man himself; a powerful weapon.
  3. The greatest sin /blasphemy against the holy ghost is associated with spoken words ()Matt. 12:31).
  4. Spoken words create and influence our action (Matt. 21:21, John. 11:43-44, Acts 13:6-11).


How can the tongue produce life?

By sanctifying our tongue through his word (Col. 3:16-17). It is beyond our power to tame the tongue (Jam. 3:8, Isa 6:5-7).



Cultivate the habit of reviewing what we have said to ourselves and others on daily basis.

If you lose your opportunity, do not lose the God of opportunities in your life.

Text: Isaiah 43:18-19, Gal. 6:10

What is opportunity?

It is a favourable time or occasion for a certain purpose. Col. 4:5

Both big and small opportunities come into our lives one at a time. Losing opportunities is a common occurrence that happens to everyone. So, there is no one who lives under the sky that has not lost some chances.

Opportunities could be in form of money, businesses, possessions or relationships.

Whatever yours may be, the truth is that some opportunities are lost forever while some are still recoverable.

Avoid lamenting on opportunities that are forever lost; neither fret nor frustrate yourself on them.

Do not forget that opportunity is just an emblem of God’s favour upon your life. If you lose one opportunity, be sure another one is still coming with a big knock at the door of your life (That is if you care or desire another).

You must remember that you only lose opportunities not the God of opportunity Himself. When God is in your life, your future opportunities are endless.

For example: David who refused to lose the God of opportunities in his life was able to have confidence in every situation he found himself:

“the young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the lord shall not want any good thing”. (Psalm 34:10)

The secret of abundance and recovery is your ability to seek God even in the face of turbulence.With God, there is no way you will lack any good thing in your life.

Therefore, your greatest concern in life should be seeking God with all your heart and keeping him alive in your life.

When the God of opportunity is in your lives, you will always swim in the ocean of grace and favour.Also, with God your life will be full of endless joy and opportunities.Do not mourn any lost chances or opportunities because God is with you..

There is a story about a man of God (Dr Akanbi):

Like Job, He lost four cars in a single month in the past when facing a series of spiritual attacks.

God is never shocked neither is He embarrassed by your loss of chances and opportunities.He knows we are human beings and mere mortals. He anticipates our occasional weaknesses.And His provisions are always there to rescue us in all of life emergency situations.

God is always ready to give second chances but what we do with it is up to us.

Conclusion: New opportunities are always stirring and beckoning to us, If we can see them.Worry and anxiety are like a rocking chair; they keep you busy but gets us nowhere”

Watchword: Don’t lose the God of opportunities.


Prayer points:

  • May heaven give us eyes to see beyond now and wisdom to grasp every opportunity.
  • May we receive grace to keep them permanently as they come into our lives afresh day by day in Jesus’name.