( A house of prayer for all: Where mercy is always available )

Our Mission!

“The mission of Christ landmark Ministries is to raise, equip and empower people who through prayer and holy living will fulfill their God-given destinies”

Give out your service

There are various departments within the Church that you can join to enable you express and develop yourself and manifest the God-given gifts in you in the vineyard of the Lord. Be rest assured that your portion at the top is guaranteed as you key into God’s vision in Landmark. Find below your area of calling and capability.

Congregational Confession (Eph. 1:3 -10)

I am the manifestation, the product and the result of God’s word. God has spoken into my life and I have become the manifest presence of Jehovah God on earth. I expressly manifest everything the word of God says I am. I am filled with the word of God.