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I am the manifestation, the product and the result of God’s word. God has spoken into my life and I have become the manifest presence of Jehovah God on earth. I expressly manifest everything the word of God says I am. I am filled with the word of life.

The word of God is in me, not written in ink, but by the spirit of the living God, not on table of stone, but on flesh-table of the heart. The word of God in me is a quickening spirit and always keeping me alive. I have received the body and blood of Jesus Christ. I am full of him. He is the bread of life sent from heaven, I have eaten him. I shall not hunger or thirst or die because in him is life and life eternal.

I receive all the blessings that accompany the word of God. I decree that they become operational in my life and family, and I ask for a speedy physical manifestation of the result in my life.

I am not an image of failure and I am not fashioned after the likeness of a god of the tail. I am the salt of the earth. On the inside of me is every Excellency of the power of God. God has put this feature of His power in earthen vessels. My appearance is as the appearance of a horse so I leap. I run like mighty men.

When I fall upon sword it cannot hurt me. The word of God has made me a brazen wall, a fortified city, an iron pillar. My presence terrifies the enemy. He trembles, feels much pain and travails at the sound of my voice which the lord has empowered. For it is written, wherever the voice of king is, there is authority.

With my heart I believe the power in the word of God. With my mouth I have made confessions therefore, I go into prayer let the word run swiftly to perform my request and bring immediate results in Jesus Name.

Sunday Worship Service

Be part of God's people and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and the work of miracles through His servant.
Word School - 9:00am
Worship Service - 10:00am

Mercy hour

Mercy hour program is a time for fervent and effective prayers. At this meeting, people gather together from all works of life to cry unto God on naghty issues and you shall have a testimony.
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm,
Every Wednesday.

Solution Night

Join the People of God to pull down the strongholds hindering your spiritual and physical progress in life through intense prayers. Your victory is sure in Jesus name.
Date: Every First Friday of the month.
Time: 10:00pm.

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Be inspired by the Holy Spirit through His servant.
Rev'd S.A. Anwo JP



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Confession for the week

My life belongs to God, My body is for the Holy Spirit, my mind is full of His Word which is Jesus Christ my saviour........

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